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Welcome back !

lundi 7 septembre 2015

A hearty WELCOME (back !) to all the SIA kids and their families. I hope you have all enjoyed the summer and are looking forward to the year ahead. The PSAB president has posted a great back-to-school blog on our website ( where you will also find more information about our activities at the three schools, our Back to School Potluck, the next Information Meeting, Saltimbuc and more. Check it out !
Most of these events are only available to our members so don’t forget to fill out your membership form (preferably online and available on our website – it does simplify things !).
Your support at the elections is also essential to ensure that the SIA is fairly represented on the various school commissions. So please do cast your vote for the PSAB at the elections on the 9th October.
And lastly, you can get involved directly in your child’s class. As the Francos and Anglos are mixed, we also need to have Anglo parent reps who participate in the Conseils de Classes. If you are interested in doing this or need any further info, please contact me, Anna Mangaud, directly at
Looking forward to a busy and event-full year 

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