How to apply for a place in the International Section

par M. Vernay

Set out below is the process for admission to the International Section of Buc (ISB) :

- completion (typed) of an application form (attached) which should be returned to us by email no later than Monday 8th March 2021.
- completion of a written test (1 hour) and an oral (10 mins) in English at the school on Wednesday 31st March 2021 (for 6e applicants) and Wednesday 7th April 2021 (for 5e / 4e / 3e applicants). Notices to attend the testing will be sent during the week of 15th to 19th March 2021.
- Award of a place by the ’Directeur Académique’.

In practical terms, you must send by email to the following address : and by no later than Monday 8th March 2021 the following documents :
- completed application form (see attached) ;
- school reports for the current academic year (2020-21) as well as those of the previous year (2019-2020)

You will receive (by email around mid-March) a notice to attend testing (please use the same email address in all correspondence with the school). The notice will specify the date (31st March or 7th April) and the time at which your child should arrive at the school for the written and spoken tests in English.

NB : For families resident abroad, it is possible to take distance tests with the help of your child’s local school (these will take place some time in April). If you wish to benefit from this option, you will need to indicate to us the dates of your child’s end of term holidays.

Once the commission has taken place (around the beginning of May), we will let you know the outcome of your child’s tests (’avis favorable’, ’liste supplémentaire’, ’avis défavorable’). The school’s notification will then be confirmed, without exception, by the education authorities. However, official admission to the ISB at Collège Martin Luther King is the responsibility of the ’Directeur Académique’ and, therefore, the official notice of admission is only sent out at the beginning of June. Those applicants who have been awarded a place will receive written notification together with the enrolment forms. Results will not be communicated by telephone.

Enrolment will take place around mid-June 2021.

Important  :

1. If your child has been awarded a place in the International Section at Collège Martin Luther King, he or she will be required to take German as his/her first modern language option (’Langue Vivante ’) with Spanish being taught as the second modern language option (’Langue Vivante 2’). Accordingly, he or she will become part of a group which has been learning German since the ’6e’ class, and, although individual help will be offered, your child must be prepared to make considerable efforts in order to catch up with the rest of the group.

2. To ensure that your child is able to follow all lessons in all subjects, he or she will need to possess a certain degree of competence in the French language (level B1).
Intensive training in the French language will be necessary if he or she is not already a French speaker. Please contact the ’Alliance Française’ or the French Institute of your country for more information.