SIB - Brevet speaking tests - 3e students

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During the week of the 13th of June, the SIB students at MLK will have two "Brevet" speaking exams.

  • English Literature - June 13th -15th
  • History and Geography - June 15th - 17th

The students will compile an English Literature file during the school year :

  • based on one or two themes studied during the year : "Love and Relationships" and "Social Class".
  • focusing on the documents studied during the year (with the possibility of including a digital format) : literary texts, poems, extracts from poems, extracts from novels or short stories, plays, art, posters, advertisements, song lyrics or multimedia documents.
  • including at least one original document, written by the candidate, about the theme or themes chosen for the file.

Time for the exam : 20 minutes

The first 10 minutes - the candidate will give an oral presentation of his/her file.

The candidate must :

  • justify his/her selection of documents he/she has chosen.
  • explain the process in which he or she worked.
  • make his/her point of view known about the different aspects and elements of the file.
  • reveal the ideas that motivated his/her written work and the importance that the work has in the file.

The second 10 minutes - interview/exchange :

The examiner may :

  • ask the candidate to develop different points from his/her presentation.
  • concentrate on documents in the file or the candidate’s written work.
  • offer the candidate the possibility to extend the discussion to other themes studied during the year.

The candidate will be evaluated on his/her oral presentation and exchange with the examiner/s.
His/her score will be based on the criteria for the CEFR, B2 level (upper independent English level).

Please visit the official website for more information (in French) :