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Creative Writing Competition 2022

Publication : (actualisé le ) par M. Vernay

In May, a creative writing competition was held between the 4e / 3e SIB students and the 6e / 5e students of MLK. The lower secondary category was given a photo of a tree-lined road, and from that drew inspiration to write their creative piece. The 4e / 3e students were given an opening line which they continued into a story or a poem : (’I woke up today just to see the sky come tumbling down on me’). Relaxing background music was played. The resulting efforts were shortlisted by Mrs Traumat, Mrs Vernay and Mr Vlahopoulos, and then judged by a panel of lycée students from the Lycée Franco Allemand. Congratulations to the winners and finalists below :

4e / 3e Competition

1st : Orphée Vincent (4e)

2nd : Marie-Louise Royer (3e)

3rd : Loris Gauttier (4e)

6e / 5e Competition

1st : Sabreen Kirati

2nd : Lily Melinard

3rd : Lucie Capdeboscq

Well done to the winners !

(Follow the link below for the winning piece from the 6e / 5e category - Sabreen Kirati.)