Creative Writing Competition

par M. Vernay

In June, a creative writing competition was held between the 4e and 3e SIB students of MLK. Students were given an opening line (’White with the dust of early summer ... ’) and then asked to give full rein to their creative inspiration in order to write a poem, a play, a story or some other type of descriptive piece. Relaxing background music on what was a very hot day helped to put everyone in the mood to dream and provide their best efforts. The resulting efforts were judged by a jury of three people - Mrs Traumat, Mrs Vernay and Mr Vlahopoulos, and the results are below :

1st : Juliette Thénot (3e)

2nd : Juline Lomo-Laprevotte (4e)

3rd : Nell Souami (3e)

Not to be outdone, the 6e class asked for their own creative writing competition. Their opening line was : ’The sun was on their backs ... ’. This time the creative productions were given to a panel of 4e judges and the results were as follows :

1st : Loucinda Chedanne - ’Brea’

2nd : Paul Charra - ’Leo’

3rd : Sandra Mathelin - ’My Daily Life’

Well done to the winners (Juliette and Juline pictured below) !